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High Tech Investing with Confidence.

support for investors in Tulsa, OK and the region

stop missing out on promising investments

Understand high tech opportunities

gain insights to balance risk + reward

You shouldn't have to pass up lucrative high tech investment opportunities.

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What is holding you back from investing in emerging technologies?

  • I am overwhelmed with the challenge of deals that have a complex regulatory and payment landscape.

  • I don't have the time to invest in evaluating the risks and rewards of new opportunities. 

  • I don't have enough experience in the healthcare or advanced mobility technology industries.


Supporting investors in the Heartland to get quality high tech deals done.

BloomOK is based in Tulsa, OK and we care deeply about advancing the technology ecosystem in our state and our region.


Our current focus is supporting the Advanced Mobility and Virtual Health industries. BloomOK gives regional investors the confidence they need to make informed investments in promising startups in these industries. While we don't provide investment advice, we do provide background research to help educate investors.

We've received a grant from the US Economic Development Administration to provide this resource to our region, for free.


What Does BloomOK do?

Pro Bono Resources

Our grant funding allows us to catalyze investment in the region at no cost to you. 

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Access to a national network of technology experts in:

  • health and advanced mobility

  • regulation

  •  intellectual property

  •  marketing

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Due Dilligence

Due diligence support and preparation of deal books

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How BloomOK Works

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